Wishing Jealously

​I wish I was blessed with courage to tell you how your beauty lightens a room.

How beautiful you look when a smile crosses your face

Whilst focusing on your cellular;

Its source.

I wish I could replace it.

But how do I say it?

Fear is a beast and I’m no hunter.

I can’t face it.

Courage is a cheetah.

I can’t chase it. 

All I can do is wish 

And keep my feelings within like money in a purse.

I pray I use them before my time in a hearse,

And hope I can acquire space in your desired chest. 




Sometimes we forget a rainbow won’t last for long

So we get carried away in our joy

Thinking it’s still  around

We look up and it’s fading

The joy fades too

We look up again and it’s gone

That’s when we cry

But the tears won’t do anything

It was a fling

When it returns

You just look up

And look down again

You’ve lost your affection

You want it to last long

But it won’t

So you walk on by

You can’t be cool

With a rainbow


Oh my dear; you’ve left.

Now I cannot appreciate

Your bright smile. 

You’re gone for good, the say

But l say life is a sea

And you captain your ship

Ever so well.

I know you’ll return 

With the light

Then I shall regain sight

Of your heavenly smile. 

Waiting in Pain

Photo Credit: http://www.123rf.com/photo_17794826_grunge-flag-of-ghana-on-old-wall-background.html
She’s Withering.

Snakes in suits

Voted lords of the kingdom

To spit venom

On the masses

Swallow our sweat

Sink their teeth 

Into our progress

Kill our dreams

And halt our growth

Like withering sunflowers

On the fields of

Indifferent farmers


Let us pray for life 

To see their last year

So we can invest

Our now useless useful power 

In a new choir of amazing voices

Singing sweeter songs of hope


Let us wait 

For the rain

Of venom

And sharp tooth

To subside 

Photo Credit: http://www.123rf.com/photo_17794826_grunge-flag-of-ghana-on-old-wall-background.html