The Soul’s Revival

This is to you although I’m just a small speck in your eyes; I’m a small speck with a revived soul.

Immortal yet fragile,
You turned deathly cold
And almost lost your hold
On my body.
You turned earthly;
Into alewife.
Nearly unnecessary
For my poor life.

It was too early to leave.
Although earth is not home,
Your departure has its time.
That wasn’t it.
On that occasion,
Love defeated death.

I found your match
In another,
Who fed you better
Stopped your ascension
And revived you.



Climax of The Chase

My pursuit of love
Has finally come to an end.
I found it in your eyes;
Such beautiful crystals,
Which glow in their sockets
Without electricity.
I found it in your care;
Your thoughtfulness only matched by God’s.
I found it on your face;
Your smooth face which reveals your emotions,
Yet it never wrinkles
Because you reveal joy more than any other emotion.

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